The Social Club Fiasco


At first, Social Club was mostly an Instagram clone for weed. The ones behind the app prided itself on the “censorship-free” app. As we all know, give someone an inch, and they take a mile. The Beginning The app first launched on July 15, 2019, and it was the home for content related to weed ….  Read More

Built Robotics Massive Construction Excavator Drives Itself


Construction companies are taking a stand when it comes to on-site safety for their workers. Companies have been hiring professional drone pilots to overview the work-site, to ensure there’s no weathering damage or any constructional imperfections. Furthermore, companies and businesses are finding newer and better alternatives for safer and efficient work-flow. There are teams of ….  Read More

The Passing of Giovanni Buttarelli


Giovanni Buttarelli passed away in August of 2019 after holding the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) position for nearly five years. He was a well-regarded Italian civil servant official and judge. He was also a champion of data privacy and data ethics in the ever-growing digital age. He was well-recognized as a kind and selfless ….  Read More