Purple: A Utah mattress startup is on track to unicorns

Working to provide you with exceptional pressureless sleep 

Established in the recent 2016s, the boxed-bed startup. Purple is a disrupting force that has changed the industry of mattress retailers. It is offering the most exclusive quality bedding, purely online. Purple is making the perfect use of “convenient science’ to achieve success in the retail mattress industry. It is one of the companies which cut through all the dragged and dropped sales and markdowns. Purple is in favour of providing one price with each for each of their fits most mattresses while offering an extended try-out time. They entertain customer claims and support free returns. They have exclusively shifted the brick and mortar tradition of the mattress retail industry to click and buy, thus making it easier for the customers to choose a mattress and buy it.

Expanding the product lines 

This company jumped into the business almost a decade ago. They started with patented cushioning technology; however, when the founders noticed the shift in the mattress marketspace. There were a bunch of startups who introduced an online shopping method of the mattress. So. in 2016. purple decided to use exclusive toxin-free technology, which they used to manufacture wheelchair cushioning, and therefore, introduced their bedding product line. This appeared as a genius move, and the company started to grow. The team grew from 30 to 600 employees, and the mattress warehouse accommodated a space of 574.000 square feet. They furnish their sales from the roof of this mattress warehouse. Purple Innovations LLC, claims that their mattresses can last for an average life of ten years. The company offers a 100-day moneyback guarantee for the customers who want to check out the quality of these mattresses. In addition to that, there are no return and shipment fees, backed up with 0% APR financing.

Competition and company diversification

There is a very high competition in the mattresses industry in the United States. Studies have it that there are approximately 600 mattress companies that are operating in the United States. The main competitors of Purple are Tuft and needle. Casper. Leesa, and the other startups, which shifted the traditional trend to the online, virtual store. Online mattress selling startups have been seeing profits. Purple, exclusively made a net revenue of $190 million in the previous year (resource: unknown). They have also announced to shutter 200 more stores as a part of their market diversification efforts. Purple is currently on the verge of fulfilling the orders related to its newly launched product lines, which are focused on cushions. It is expected to hit $200 million in the present year. If we compare these figures with its biggest competitors, which is Casper, we see that the total revenue generated by Purple is almost as double as the revenue generated by Casper. Thus. Purple is expected to out leash its competitors based on product lines, quality, and generated revenue per annum.

Purple Innovations LLC, is recently known to be partnered with a mattress firm in San Franciso. It is reported that in May 2018. Mattress firm started selling Purple mattresses through its 16 stores based in multiple locations. This partnership began in 2017. and the first places where Purple mattresses were sold include Chicago. Washington DC. Austin and Sacramento. Purple’s CEO Sam Bernards has stated that this company is on its way to becoming the next billion-dollar startup in the Utah region, and as we look at the sales and revenues, we believe what he has said.

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