The End Of Our Dignity Collapsed A Millennia Ago

Nude tumbler? What is that, some obscure article by the killer band Radioplay, trying to bring back a 2007 song without the namesake… radio play? Honestly, a million hot to trot action-us bejewelled and otherwise bedazzling beauties sounds stellar. But what’s that catch? A thousand on the clock hedonists making out is an old drag, and there is nothing new in my mind about that early dive 90$ juke-joint called “The Internet”. But in the era of social marketing, a troubadour of net-savvy specialist nude okay commandos will no doubt go mad with rage at the idea of free pornographic material –let youth spring eternal!

Chilling out across the net with my free-speaking techno-savvy tech minions, who make the millions, and having a cafe latte, and just enjoying the vibe of the tumbler, for me will never be broken by a few nudes. What, shall I scream and swear, and send a horde of multi-media marketing gurus after you because it wrecks the vibe they are trying to sell across the page, and I don’t mean the Sony Vibe… and other early gadgets that preceded the light bulb in terms of invention and usefulness for women. I also like that no ads seem to be very targeted at men, even in very male-dominated markets, but the soaps you know… go back a monkey’s age. The “soaps” were TV shows made purely to attract an all-female audience at the time and sell products for ladies… and tampons which were brand new.. (And those ads should probably have died about the year they were brought in.)

According to MetroUK:

No matter how old a man gets, he will always be attracted to very young women, according to a study. In short heterosexual men will find 20- year-old women most attractive regardless of how old they are. Women, on the other hand, tend to find men of a similar age to the most attractive so as they get older. women will generally start to be into older men.

Personally I completely downright agree. I will also add that the average age gap of marriage for a woman globally is 14. So maybe the boys have to play catch-up based on these cross-cultural statistics. I think I would even go lower and will say that child-rearing ability weighs in with attractiveness of both genders.

Maybe a gender-balancing act will suffice to award some prizes to nude tumbler? Awards show, with a vote-in that is bot selected by anti-feminists to secure the place of male nudity over the scads of euphoric millions of porn girls may be in order. If one is to reap the rewards of the overall advertising dollar market, sometimes painting things up to look a bit more sincere might be of interest I mean who needs another free nudes site? The current regalia of art sites that also offer “anything goes” art behind the locked door a free account provides is undoubtedly the sign of the times of this new era, a whore gaping vacuously, and a bit like a vapid bedraggled honky-tonk vixen off the front of some weird building designed to conquer the world much like a three-masted naval frigate of old … staring off into eternity and the laws, and what little shards of net security and free cyberspace rights, that the millennium act brought in, and now might prevail for all the vastness and clarity of time forever and ever onward.

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